Rooms in the House

Explore North Cadbury Court

Rooms in the House

You can take a visual tour of each of the rooms in the house from here. Click on a room and then on the gallery button to view several pictures. If you click on the Video button you will see a short film clip. You can get a more detailed description of the bedrooms and their bathrooms here > Bedroom Descriptions

Ground Floor

The Ballroom

North Hall

Principal Staircase

Morning Room

The Library

Sitting Room

Snooker Room


Basement Disco

Basement Casino

Floor Plan

First Floor

Balcony Room

The Oak Room

The School Room

Jane Austen's Room

Mary's Room

Archie's Room

Katherine's Room

Sir John's Room

The Orient

Children's Room

Floor Plan

Second Floor

Medieval Hall

Uncle Tom's Cabin



Nellie's Room

Balmoral Room

Cleopatra's Room

Charlotte's Room

Lady Rosetta's Room

King Edward



Merlin's Room

Floor Plan

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