North Cadbury Court


The owners of North Cadbury Court are ardent about sustainability and that was especially important during the restoration of the house. It would have been much cheaper if they had bought everything new, but they wanted to retain materials already there and work with them to achieve an energy efficient property. For example, all the original shutters have been renovated and subtle secondary glazing added, which helps significantly with heat retention. Pipe lagging and loft space insulation has been installed throughout, where there was none previously and it was necessary to wear at least two jumpers in bed at all times!

An air source heat pump has been added to heat the swimming pool and spa area, along with a water sourced heat pump, using energy from the boating lake, to heat and provide water for the Yacht Club which has been built in the grounds. The Yacht Club used to be the central building for the eco zone at the Bath and West Show – a green oak building which we bought, disassembled (marking all the bits and pieces) and reassembled here – totally sustainable! North Cadbury Court is one of the very few Grade 1 listed properties to have 25kW solar panels in the garden, supplying power to the kitchen and utility areas during daylight hours.

Preserving our Heritage

The heating system is powered using a biomass boiler, fed with wood chip sourced from the nearby Longleat Estate. There are four electric charging points wired to the solar panel circuit and full recycling facilities on site.

All building at North Cadbury Court has used traditional materials, such as horse hair, lathe and plaster, lime mortar and traditional paints. Stone from the estate’s own quarry is used for new or replacement stonework and estate grown seasoned oak used for all woodwork and window repairs. An amazing work of renovation in what was a crumbling Grade 1 building and now a pioneer of green building practices in such a historic property.

House Rooms