Georgia Baxter


Georgia has worked as an event planner and organiser for 20 years, the first 10 years in London.  After a break devoted to her family she started running events in a stately home in Wiltshire and now in North Cadbury Court. 

Georgia’s task is to be the link between your ideas for your perfect stay and your perfect day, and everything that goes into making that happen.  From the time you make your enquiry she will be available to help you plan everything that is needed. 

She knows all of our suppliers really well and will introduce you to those she thinks are best suited to what you are aiming to achieve. She has a team of local staff who she can also introduce you to who will do whatever it is you need; from help with self-catering to caring for children whilst their parents enjoy a party.

If what you are planning involves entertaining a greater number of guests than those that can stay in the house, then she will help you organise everything right up to the day and one of her team will be available to manage your event on the day.

You can contact Georgia by:

Telephone: 01963 441238
Mobile: 07769 263181