Wedding Suppliers

Our clients choose us not only because of the amazing house, but also because we offer great flexibility and choice in how they organise their stay with us. This would not work as well as it does without our extensive list of recommended suppliers. These are people we have worked closely with and we know are brilliant.  We also know that they are nice people to deal with. Our caterers, for example, all offer something different from one another, some more formal, others less so but they all have one thing in common: they know the house, have worked in it many times and will look after you as we expect them to - brilliantly. 

The same can be said about all our suppliers, whatever they supply. Do look though our list, visit their websites and think about who may suit you best. Do not hesitate to talk to Georgia about them and why they were chosen to be on our list. She has worked with them a lot, understands them well and will be very happy to help you.