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Our Tips for Wedding Planning

This will probably be the first time you’ve arranged a wedding here, but our event managers and trusted suppliers know the venue really well. They know what they’re doing and will always tell to you if there are any gaps in the planning. So there is no need to over-think or micro manage. Instead, just enjoy our day and let us take away all the stress.

Here are our top tips for ensuring your event goes smoothly. With thanks to our fabulous team: Georgia, Katherine and Suzanne.

  • Give yourself enough time to unpack and get settled before your guests arrive, then you can enjoy their company rather than feel stressed that you need to get things done.
  • Don’t have a long drinks reception – two hours is enough!  If you’re planning a lovely sunny day with all guests enjoying the outdoor facilities, remember that if it’s raining they will all be inside and ready to move onto the meal after two hours.
  • Actually two hours for any stage of the wedding is a good rule of thumb – guests are ready for the next thing by then (apart from dancing in the evening!) For example a three course meal takes two hours, plus speeches afterwards, so your guests could be sitting next to the same person for nearly three hours!  

  • Consider having more canapés (they are always so good) instead of a starter.
  • With the excitement of friends seeing each other in the beautiful setting, the first night can easily become a “big night” if it’s not planned properly. There is nothing worse than groom/ushers/bridesmaids with hangovers – everyone is there for the wedding so don’t feel bad having an early end time on the first day.
  • Always have the staff that our event managers recommend. The cost is relatively small compared to the cost of the wedding and the benefits hugely outweigh this. Mother of the bride, family members – they all enjoy seeing each other and making the most of the facilities, should they be washing up and serving food on such a special occasion?!
  • Most guests have to pay for a hotel when going to a wedding. Don’t feel guilty asking them to pay for their room here, they will be saving on taxi costs and it makes our rental price very reasonable for you. On that note, for those not staying, you MUST tell them to pre-book taxis in advance, there is no Uber in Somerset!

  • Make sure your speeches are timed and if possible, ward off any surprise speeches. If a speech overruns you are risking your wedding breakfast meal being at its best and also putting the rest of day’s timings out. 
  • Always over-order on alcohol and food, instead of under ordering. You don’t want to be thinking about having to get more during your weekend. Our suppliers are happy to return any unused drink. You can easily store leftovers in our freezers.
  • Moving happily drinking/chatting people into the dining areas is challenging! For large parties it takes up to 30 minutes to get everyone into the ballroom…
  • Give yourselves and your guests time to make use of the many facilities at the house rather than overpacking the schedule.

  • Focus your budget on the things that matter to you as a couple.
  • Don’t take on too much DIY yourselves – doing decor, flowers, cake or food can be very stressful.
  • Be flexible and realistic where the English weather is concerned – avoid getting fixated on a plan which totally relies on it being a sunny day.
  • Find a band that doesn’t take too long to set up – so you maximise your dancing time.
  • Take time to savour and enjoy your day, don’t let it rush by in a flash because you’ve spent it stressing about the details – allow us to do that for you!

Ask your event manager’s advice if you are in doubt, they have seen enough weddings to know what works and what doesn’t and they want to make your wedding the best it can be for you.

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