North Cadbury Court to feature in US luxury travel show

North Cadbury Court will feature in a top US luxury travel show at the end of March.

Its owner Archie Montgomery welcomed Susan Li - anchorwoman of American news organisation’s CNBC show First Class - for a day of filming.

The show will feature Susan trying out a 12-bore shotgun, testing British tweed for size and having a go at golf on the roof.

The luxury stately home in the village of North Cadbury is renowned for its facilities including a casino in the old wine cellars and rooftop golf tee.

Susan Li said: “The place is amazing.

“I’ve never been anywhere like it before, so full of history and gorgeously decorated.”

Archie Montgomery will feature in the programme.

He said: “The house will appeal to Americans looking for a Downton Abbey experience because it is a genuine old English estate.

“It dates back to the 1300s with medieval, Elizabethan and Georgian wings.

“It’s been in my family for nearly 100 years.”

He added: “We enjoy seeing other people use it and having fun.”

The film crew joined in with clay pigeon shooting and golf.

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