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In an exclusive interview with HELLO! magazine, six-time Paralympic dressage champion Natasha Baker has spoken for the first time about her wedding to Marc Jaconelli. “It was the best day of our lives,” Natasha told HELLO! as the couple shared their wedding album exclusively with the magazine. “Natasha would win a gold medal in wedding planning,” added her new husband, business owner Marc.

The couple were joined by their nearest and dearest – including Natasha’s fellow Paralympians, wheelchair racer Hannah Cockcroft, and fellow dressage champ Sophie Christiansen – who all descended on Somerset’s stunning North Cadbury Court for the epic weekend-long extravaganza, which was kicked off with a glamorous casino night before the main event on Saturday 26th March 2022.

Of the moment he saw his bride come down the aisle, Marc said: “It was emotional. She looked stunning, absolutely beautiful. I had a lump in my throat but I knew I needed to hold it in, because if I started crying, Natasha wouldn’t stop either!” The couple also told of their love for each other, with Natasha saying: “He is the most kind, generous, supportive, loving person I could ever wish to be with. We’re different people but we fit.”

Natasha – who contracted the rare inflammatory disease transverse myelitis as a baby, which caused nerve damage meaning she can only walk short distances with the use of sticks but generally uses a mobility scooter or wheelchair – is a role model for many.

“I was inspired by another athlete during the Sydney 2000 Games. To now get fan mail and be recognised when I go out is crazy. If I can inspire one person to follow their dreams, that’s worth as much as a gold medal,” said Natasha, who has a total of eight Paralympic medals (six gold and two silver) to her name. Speaking of their future together, Natasha revealed that she plans to go to the Paris 2024 Paralympics. She added: “We would like to start a family within the next few years, but that’s one thing you can’t really plan!”

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