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The World’s Wackiest Casino

North Cadbury Court in the UK has one of the smallest casinos. It’s squeezed into a converted cellar space. By Raven Maunt for the Daily Mail.

Fancy trying your luck at a wacky and wonderful casino?  MailOnline Travel has scoured the world for the most bizarre gambling spots. In the mix is a casino hidden inside a mock fairytale castle, a gaming hall shaped like a whale’s tail and another hidden in the basement of an English country house. Take a spin around some of the strangest spots to count your winnings, or nurse your losses.

North Cadbury Court was built in the 16th century and boasts a hidden casino in the cellar

Set in the heart of the English countryside in Somerset, North Cadbury Court holds a unique secret. Beneath the sprawling 16th century stately home, the converted cellar boasts a hidden casino. Only guests who book the entire house have access to it. This makes it not only one of the smallest casinos in the world but also one of the most exclusive. The lavishly decorated space has blackjack and roulette rooms as well as a stunning poker room hidden behind a velvet curtain.

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