Montgomery Cheesemaking and tasting at North Cadbury Court

Cheese Tasting with Jamie Montgomery

The Montgomery family have been farming in North and South Cadbury for three generations, with their cows producing milk used in making their renowned Montgomery's Cheddar - sold internationally and highly prized as one of the best cheddars in the world.

Jamie Montgomery's grandfather, Sir Archibald Langman, bought the farm in 1911 and continued the traditional cheesemaking while so many others gave up during and after WWII.

When staying at the Court, for a small charge, Jamie Montgomery can provide visits to the maturing room where the famous Montgomery Cheeses reach perfection.  Cheese tastings can be arranged for guests at the Court, and paired with wines and ciders provided by expert local suppliers.

To book for a ‘Cheddar Odyssey’ holiday held here at North Cadbury Court please see